Sell a seat become a ‘star’

Sell a seat become a TV reality star. Adopt a child become a hero. Drive a SUV really slow down the highway get more than 15 minutes of fame.

The justice system is so much different for the ‘celebrities’ of today that I wonder what will happen when a celebrity becomes a serial murderer? Oh yeah I forgot…Write a book, produce a TV show and then be honored with some crazy award from Hollywood for the ‘Best Celebrity Stunt for Attention and Media Hype’ .

Blagos TV Ambitions was spoken about on the Today Show today. You know the ‘guy’ that tried to sell the seat that Obama held in Illinois before becoming Prez . With all the coverage Rod Blagojevich is getting now he plans to be on a TV reality show ( if Daddy Justice let’s him) that is similar to the unreal reality show Survivor. You know that the system will let him do that. And why not. Just think how much fame the judge will get that is likely thinking about becoming the next Governor of Illinois. It sure beats having to pay for political ads. Oh yeah that’s right…coming to a TV ( mind you digital now) soon..The Blagojevich Saga Campaign 2012 – The Presidency of Seats!


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