Digital, smigital

3,2,1 are you ready? Ready for the digital TV switch? Yes/No. OK we have a digital TV and got one of those flat antennas. We have no cable provider where we are ( a rural area) because let’s face it…there’s no revenue to be made out our way. We had satellite and that was OK for a time and then we noticed the same programs endlessly repeated across ‘sister’ networks so that is no more.

We had an old rabbit ears systems that had great reception of the digital stuff…but you know… it looked archaic and stuff. So we got one of those new fangled planar (flat) thingys that was supposed to be DTV ready and can be placed “anywhere” but for best results should be laid flat. OK, just a crappy signal…moved to a wall a got a little better…no high up on a wall …a little better. How damn high does this have to be to work 20, 50 100 feet in the air with a high gain amp? What a joke! Now I’m reading that some people are out of luck because they have ‘advanced’ entertainment centers that will not work unless they get more gizmos to get the ‘improved’ signals. And to top it off the cable networks are requiring some people to get even more (at a fee) stuff just to get this signal. Is digital really ‘better’ or just a way to get a few select industries ( most of this stuff is made offshore) more profit?

Has anyone out there (the viewers) realized that we might get more channels with ‘better’ picture and sound but the content is still the same crap we have had for years? Just because the signal is ‘better’ does not mean the intelligence is.


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