11 dead or almost dead in reality…Not scripted? mmm……

Today I heard about 11 folks that have gone the way of suicide or at least attempt it after having some kind of connection to reality TV. Most interesting! Why is this so pushed into the background? It just can’t be how can this be real? I just don’t understand how these folks can do this without a script!

I mean, trying to do something in the spotlight without a script or at least a director well….can be hazardous to your health ( the success of the show) and can be a rather terminal end to your career.

We have yet another series of new ‘reality’ TV programs coming up this Fall and they are all just as wacky and MINDLESS as the others. Oh yeah, I forgot that now it will be in digital with the best quality video and sound and maybe even in HD. Isn’t technology grand? Now we can see stupidity and mindless drabble clearer than before. Big wooopeee!


Contestants that don’t make the grade have a chance to beat Simon with that ‘X’ in front of him. Points are given for a new program called ‘Smack Back’.

Castaways on Survivor are really cast away on a real desert island with 1gal of water, no food, and no shelter. NO film crews or staff. They are left alone ( one person only) for 2 weeks. The crew comes back to see what really happens.

The Nanny is repeatedly attacked by her young charges. No mercy shown.

All ‘reality’ shows – scripts are lost, power goes out, grips go on strike.

Big Brother – Poor Connie must become the housemaid because the cleaning crews walk out because of a mold problem.

The Bachelor – All the gals gang up on the bachelor, hog tie him and toss him into the trash. They then hijack the limo and demand to be driven to Rodeo Drive at the expense of the show for a shopping spree.

What would YOU like to see?


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