Make a supplemental income selling your used books – NOT!

Dr. Phil gave a tip to make some extra money ( during these tough times). The problem is after visiting 4 different used book buying groups including the one he mentioned NONE of the books we had were wanted or were offered for .05 US cents. That’s right 5 cents. EACH!

I wonder how much Dr. Phil made mentioning the company on his show. VERY INTERESTING. Does anyone really make anything by selling these used books? PLEASE let us know…


3 responses to “Make a supplemental income selling your used books – NOT!

  1. They may list 500 books, but out of the number of books out there isn’t this a little slim? I have not seen an actual list, what I had to do was list this ISBN and see if they came up with a match or not. I pulled books at random of various genre (including text books) and none were accepted.

  2. Sell them yourself! Even if these book buying sites do buy them, they’ll offer you pennies. If you put just a little more work into it, you can realize the full market value of your books. I just did an article on this if you’re interested.

  3. Perl was at 1% on Github at end of last year. ,

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