Yet again? Take surveys get paid…Not

Do or Sell something get paid…Not -revisited

This time it’s surveys. I can go out and register for FREE to get on these lists of surveys. Some pay a little at a time and some trick you into thinking it’s a survey only to find it a way to get you to buy, buy, buy. Why should anyone have to pay to see the same list of survey groups that they can get for FREE? What is even worse is the fact that some groups charge YOU to see this free information. For example…

We’ll Give You A Software That Will Automatically Fill Out Surveys For You Allowing You To Complete More Surveys Per Hour Which Means You’ll Be Making Even More Money!

An “Unlimited Access” membership to the xxxx Site normally costs $64.95…

But I’m going to take the risk off you completely by letting you join today as a full member for only $2.95. If you decide to stay a member we will charge you a monthly membership fee of $29.95 after 7 days. This will grant you unlimited access to xxxxs.

Bonus Timer – If you order before the timer expires you’re guaranteed the following bonus offer. Afte

So let’s see. 2.95 for 7days and then BAAAANNNGGG! 29.95 per month after that time. Who is really making money here? Most likely not you. So what do you think about this ?
Now for a twist. Here is a survey site that pays ( yes low amounts but it builds) and you can have others come in under you so there is income from their survey taking…Best of all it cost nothing to join EVER!


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