Jobs that pay over 80k

I read an article that says that there are jobs that pay over 80k and in fact they list 30. This is all well and good. But, the fact is how long does it take to go to school for these and how long did it take to get to this level of pay. Where are they?

OK, I will dump my current education track (Knowledge Management), start back as an undergrad in one of these fields, use another 4 years of time pursuing these career paths, and there you have it. ‘We’re sorry, but all of these job postings got filled 4 years ago’… that is what will be said and you know it. So, who is telling this anyway??? We need jobs NOW! not four years out and it’s kind of nice to have a place to live and have food so doesn’t mean you need some form of income.

Did you notice something that is not DIRECTLY listed? There appears to be nothing about those ‘green’ jobs. By directly listed, I mean something like Wind Turbine Engineers, Hydroelectric Transmission Technicians, Ethanol Plant Supervisor, and on and on.

What do YOU think about this?


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