Health Care or ? – WHAT ABOUT JOBS?!

I know this is a topic covered by so many mass media groups, but I’m putting in my 3 cents (used to be 2 cents you know — inflation). Did the PEOPLE have true input on this ‘reform’? It seems lie it has been more of a political tool for the gain of the elected officials that are telling us what we want and not what we need. There will be some things that take place quickly, but most of the items will be in effect long after the people that brought this to be will be out of office. Most interesting don’t you think? Drop this on the PEOPLE and then be gone when things will probably go south for the ones that really need help. Even in a POLL taken, most people are angry with this.

So what will be the actual results of this ‘reform’ really be? It’s hard to say, but there is one thing that seems to be constantly neglected and that is the PEOPLE that need JOBS. That’s right, there was some kind of thing voted on about that to appease US. Interestingly not too long before this bulldozing measure.

Please take a look at that POLL and come back and leave your comments here as well.


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