Are ‘WE’ still part of this?

OK, yet more antics from Obama. While I usually don’t comment like this, I think it’s time for US to really look at the ENTIRE government. Just after doing the monumental health care thing leaving little time for people to ‘recover’, he has decided to make a bunch of political appointments WITHOUT any processes of approval. This recess appointment tool while used in the past by other presidents on both side of the aisle.

Let’s look who is really coming into ‘play’…perhaps the folks that made the recent health bill hammer trough. NO and I mean NO warning to the PEOPLE on this one. Remember that these people are not elected into office, they are BROUGHT IN by the people that WE elected. So regardless of being Republican or Democrat, YOU need to take a closer look at what is going on and how this will truly impact us.

To some relief id the fact that we do have mid-term elections coming soon. But does this really matter? Does are vote count when appointments are designated without regard to OUR votes.

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