More Duggars

There is finally a response in the pop news bin about the actions of the growing Duggar family by Allison McDowell Enstrom. But why so long??? Do people out there really think that a family this large makes sense? Oh yes they they continue to say that they are debt free…Most likely because of the occasional media pay they get. Where is the true sense of family here? What happens when mom and dad are gone? Let’s face it people at 19 members, there has to be a point that when the family will fall apart and there will be little or no income.

Are the Duggar family children going to continue the tradition and grow to huge sizes just to get attention (and income)? How are the real needs of housing and educational expenses going to come in? How does discipline work in a group of this size? Let’s be realistic. Regardless if people see this as a ‘blessing’ or ‘curse’, there will be some future outcome that will impact this family in some way. Hopefully a good outcome, but unfortunately, it will most likely harm the youngest ones first.

Oh yeah…a sidebar, good old Katie is back in the light AGAIN. Here’s another example of family volume oops I mean values.

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