Conscious Consumerism?

Hello All,
Well I guess I would poke at this one because I can see (cynically) how marketing can slant things so sales are always made from something. We discuss the ‘Green’ concept of things, but do we really know what is truly green and what is a ‘get on the bandwagon’ campaign? What I mean here is that if you examine what is in a CFL (compact florescent light) like mercury for example, they may not appear to be so green after all. It may have created a new need for jobs that are designed to recycle these CFLs after they are not usable, but they may not have really been that green.

I try to be conscious, but from the standpoint of the ‘critical thinker’. I will look close for sustainable resources that not only include products, but also from the value of the human spirit as a resource. We really need to think about how we impact our eco-sphere regardless of what marketing spins are thrown at us.

So where does that leave us? An example for conscious consumerism could be the use of old shipping (cargo boxes) for new housing ( video at : ) or the use of recycled concrete and paper for building ( ) .

This is really a mind-set that we must all adopt that goes beyond just following the lead of others. It will take a true critical eye to really see what is truly consumerism and what is sustainable use.

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