Are there real jobs or carrots?

After looking at various sources for ‘jobs’ I am noticing a trend an wonder if anyone else is.

What I mean is that there seem to be the same jobs listed by various recruiting groups for the exact same thing from the same employer. The thing is that these are listed with one group and then they pull it only to be listed by another. The recruiters claim that they were not able to find the ‘right’ person for the job. What is becoming apparent is that since the recruiters ask for what you want for a salary range is what this is really based on. So, people with the proper experience are being placed at the mercy of a bidding war between the recruiting groups. Is this wrong or what? Do these jobs really exist? I seriously am doubting it.

I have also noticed that these same jobs are listed in boards that you must pay to be part of like the Ladders and other similar groups. WHO is really making the money here. Does anyone really get employed via these groups? I WANT responses from people that have had results from these ‘pay and play’ boards.

So what’s the deal? With experience, education, networking, and on and on it is really starting to seem like there are two groups that are making out here and need to be flushed out from behind the weeds that they hide in. The first are useless recruiting boards and companies that never seem to do much more than post jobs that are forever dead and the many pundits and commentators that always give the same old tips over and over that hardly make a difference to people that are ‘killing’ themselves and spending money on these useless programs.

WE NEED REAL SUSTAINABLE JOBS that have a real income and are not just low end service based (i.e. call center) groups that exploit the worker and the endless hype of ‘business opportunities’ and now join the military based jobs that start to look like regular work.


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