So I see this statement in an article today:
“You’re asking too much money. Salaries are lower these days. You might well have to bite the bullet and take much less to get off of the unemployment rolls. You’re very overqualified. Realistically, I’m not going to hire someone with 10+ years of experience with a great deal of responsibility in their last job for an entry-level job. I know you might be desperate. But it’s better to freelance, consult or start your own business.”

Here is problem with this: The people that are doing the hiring were lucky enough
to keep their job at THE SAME rate with 10+ years experience. There is a major major fallacy here folks.

Oh yes, I just saw that the most honorable McDonalds is hiring 20,000+ workers
for around 8.50/hr. Hoooooooooray they save the day. Has any company actually considered lowering prices, fuel, housing, and food? Noway.

Let’s see “Let the people eat cake”. Do you remember what happened after that?



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