About Ellicott Ramblings

The Dal Koyo


This is Dal Koyo (By the Autumn Leaves) . He is our mascot and ‘Sargent of Arms’ for this blog.

This blog is based on ramblings from a PhD student at Walden University (on-line) for the AMDS (Applied Management and Decision Science) with a concentration in Knowledge Management and a core of Leadership and Change Management.

This blog examines the little known things or widely ignored things by mainstream media. Let’s face it folks, WE the PEOPLE have been denied access to information that we should be aware of but, for some reason or another has not been presented. So this blog covers things politic, consumer, and citizen related that may have not been covered on a wide basis. There are of course opinions here that may be hard to swallow but, at least a different and as researched as possible. This is not only a blog, it is also a forum for YOU to voice your thoughts ( with reason and respect of course) on any presented topic areas. Your comments can be positive or negative but they must also be well thought out.

The main areas addressed will be politics, education, memetics, Knowledge Management, PhD Thoughts and to round it out, Silly Stuff. Most of the entries that have videos will be content from other sites that will be opened to your comments. I have a larger area of videos a CNN related video news site called iReport . You can check it out if you wish.

Resources will be freely provided and I hope there will be an ongoing amount of comments and such.

3 responses to “About Ellicott Ramblings

  1. Hi, love yr header, and nice to meet you.

  2. Hi, love the mascot. Nice to meet you.

  3. … I used to be in the Ellicott, CO area not too long ago (I was there when the tornado of 2001 hit the high school!), perhaps we should talk later…?

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