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Are we China or are we still the USA???

After coming across an article on Yahoo News about the Last Sardine Cannery in the US closing then continuing onto an article about Last of Their Kind businesses in the US from CNN Money that was posted on the Business Opportunity Weblog I am really starting to wonder if the USA has basically become the annex of China. Since we seem to be getting most of our ‘stuff’ from China and have been graciously provided economic assistance from them in the form of loans aren’t we basically getting a ‘rebate’ from them since we are such good customers?

So, I thought that it’s time for some good old American entrepreneurial spirit and start a business that is American based and American in philosophy. That is a concierge business that not only provides time and money saving services to businesses and households, but also provides community sustainment.  Can this work? I mean, after looking at the local and national economy, you would think that this could be a bad time to start such a venture. The difference here is that this service based approach has three fronts. First, provide community sustainment by the recycling of clothing and technology tied with the donation of staple and non-perishable food items back to the community. Second, as the company grows, provide jobs to others as independent contractors (miro-entrepreneurs). Third, provide a socially conscience business model for others to use.  Another difference here is that this is NOT a non-profit group that one might suspect a socially oriented enterprise might be it is a Limited Liability Corp. (LLC) and has the ambition of TOMS Shoes, but initially at the local and regional levels. So, at the grass-roots level, my wife, son and myself formed DMR Services, LLC to provide a range of support services to homes and businesses while providing a community building ideal.

We really need to take back more than just oil reliance from other countries. We need to take back ourselves as a nation that provides more for its-self and breaks the global reliance we seem to have while still being a provider to the global community that has been ‘pushed’ to the background. We can do this! It starts with each individual wanting to grow a sustainable community with much less government support (from ALL parties).

Contact DMR Services, LLC for our model and services we provide to households and businesses at


A Great Value? Check it closely!

I’m trying to save some money and thought I would check out this Great Value Brand at WalMart. NO! For one thing check out the price difference between it and your favorite brand. In cases it appears that it can be as much as 30 cents higher than a national brand. But here’s a way ‘they’ won’t let you do this…Remove the competition of the shelf. Let’s see, cottage cheese area in the store had almost 90% as the Great Value label and very few of the old standbys like Nordica or Lucern. This is just wrong. In some cases the quantity is less but the actual package is larger in size or there is an indent on the bottom you don’t see until you flip it over. Another thing is that they put it on an endcap so you can’t see it and compare it with others. And because it is on the endcap you are more likely to grab it for convenience.

Next time you are seeking to save money, take the time to really look at the price differences between what you prefer and this Great Value thing at Walmart.

Distribution of the ‘book’

Well, Here’s an interesting and potentially back breaking job…delivering those phone books you see by your doorstep about this time of year. I called a group that handles this kind of effort and they set me up with an appointment today. I went to the place, was given a short course in what to do for both home and business deliveries. And then when to the loading dock to get my load of 400+ books and delivery bags. Wow is it that simple? No job checks or anything, just have a decent vehicle, valid driving license, proper insurance, and be over 18.

So, now on to this adventure…starting tomorrow morning I will get going and see how this really works out. Because of the rural area I’m in, I do get a special gas bonus beyond the per book/stop payment. The weather looks good for now so I hope this works.

Has anyone else done this kind of delivery? If you have, I would like to see your comments.


No Schooling? These still pay… NO NO Nannet!

I guess that I’ve been focusing on the job market for the time because I simply don’t have one. Even with a great resume, education and more, I can’t even get a bite from the beloved WalMart. Why are we told that things are looking brighter on the economy when the truth is evident to the people (real not media realized) that this is just bunk? I do have a few freelance gigs and I am trying to find more but…

Now, ‘they’ are telling us that you can have a ‘great’ job even without a traditional 4 year degree. But, beware! there is still special training required or years of experience, or knowing the right person, and then…

Looky here:
-Air Traffic Controllers: $117,200 – You still need FAA training and probably having military training is not a bad idea. Remember you might even be a hero helper when a particular pilot is used to find water.

– Industrial Production Managers: $77,670 – OK, when was the last time these folks did not need some form of education for these positions even if it was from the hiring company

– First-Line Police and Detective Supervisors: $69,300 – First how long are you on the beat dodging bullets and taking garbage from the public. Oh, it helps if you have some form of criminal justice training for better chances of promotion right?

– Funeral Director: $49,620 – Bring out your dead, bring out your dead… Not much pay for a job that requires state approved training and certification and the ability to deal with grieving family members and stressful planning for the inevitable future event.

– Police and Sheriff Patrol Officers: $47,460 – The stepping stone (be ready to be really stepped on) to the supervisor job above. It still has internal training if you pass the entrance tests. High stress and danger.

– Advertising Sales Agents: $42,750 – Is this income real in the present economy. I think if you don’t have some kind of sales or marketing training under you belt this is a joke. Most are now commission driven and how long did this level take to achieve?

– Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents: $39,760 (the highest 10% earned more than $111,500) – In this market/economy? You still need to get a state license (training is required or at least needed). You need the right connections, location, and schmoozing abaility!

– Rounding out the rest of the list are occupational/physical therapist aids and assistants. Notice, aids and assistants, not the actual therapists. Even the assistants and aids need some form of training and can’t just walk into the facility and start lifting and hauling people about. The actual therapists need a full blown degree for this of course.

So, when you think about it, you still need training and some kind of certification, license or Associates degree to do these jobs. This is the trick here. YOU STILL NEED SOME EDUCATION of some form to make the grade here. Why no try to land a job while going to school and then look for the ones that are requiring the education that have real pay? The jobs listed here are needed, yes, but the way they are presented may give false impressions as to what is actually required to get them.


Our military platforms…Open Source Now??? At least to China.


Now GM has sold the Hummer idea to the Chinese! What??? This is the American military platform derived vehicle that is out there. I am really SAD to hear this. When do we start to deliver Abrams vehicle concepts to who know? This is VERY disturbing to me and why does GM after a bailout from US (the citizens of the country) do this to US. What do you all think about this sellout of American ideas and ideals? OUCH!

It's broke - Chinese will fix

Yet again? Take surveys get paid…Not

Do or Sell something get paid…Not -revisited

This time it’s surveys. I can go out and register for FREE to get on these lists of surveys. Some pay a little at a time and some trick you into thinking it’s a survey only to find it a way to get you to buy, buy, buy. Why should anyone have to pay to see the same list of survey groups that they can get for FREE? What is even worse is the fact that some groups charge YOU to see this free information. For example…

We’ll Give You A Software That Will Automatically Fill Out Surveys For You Allowing You To Complete More Surveys Per Hour Which Means You’ll Be Making Even More Money!

An “Unlimited Access” membership to the xxxx Site normally costs $64.95…

But I’m going to take the risk off you completely by letting you join today as a full member for only $2.95. If you decide to stay a member we will charge you a monthly membership fee of $29.95 after 7 days. This will grant you unlimited access to xxxxs.

Bonus Timer – If you order before the timer expires you’re guaranteed the following bonus offer. Afte

So let’s see. 2.95 for 7days and then BAAAANNNGGG! 29.95 per month after that time. Who is really making money here? Most likely not you. So what do you think about this ?
Now for a twist. Here is a survey site that pays ( yes low amounts but it builds) and you can have others come in under you so there is income from their survey taking…Best of all it cost nothing to join EVER!

Google smoogle! This is getting ridiculous…

After seeing so many advertisements on these get rich quick schemes I am just getting so sick and tired of the gleaming ‘testimonials’ and smiling faces and outrageous paychecks coming from ‘Google’ that are making people rich over night beyond their wildest dreams. Even if these things are not scams they are just plain mean to people that are on their last string of survival. Is there anyone out there that honestly and truthfully ( so help you G**) making a real and decent income from this. I think the only ones are the folks that are developing these programs and pitching them to people that have become desperate in their hopes of finding some way to survive. Here is a ‘disclaimer’ from one of these groups that in the front claims wild result and then quietly states what will REALLY happen…

By submitting this form I give my authorization to immediately charge my credit card $1.97 for access to the xxxxxxxxxx. I hereby request that my account be activated and authorize funds to be advanced as indicated. Monthly Service fees will commence 7 days from the date of this purchase, and will be billed monthly thereafter. After the 7 day trial you will be billed $79.90 monthly for the continued access to the xxxxxxxx. No refunds will be given for failure to use the requested and provided product. We reserve the right to transfer your billing to a third party Merchant of Record. This authority will remain in effect until revoked by me. This agreement will remain in effect each month until cancelled by me. You may cancel at anytime by writing to xxxxxxx or calling xxxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxx .

So after you send in the initial amount that seems low ($1.97) and don’t cancel within the 7 days given (remember this MUST be done in writing and snail-mailed) you will be billed 79.90 per month or about 950.00 per year. So who is really making the money here? There is also another statement that lets you know that the results are based on a number of conditions including your finances. This just doesn’t make sense for what this really is ( whatever the SIMPLE thing really is). Perhaps selling this program on Google Adwords or similar programs that cost to place on.

Your Thoughts?