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Not Again…now it’s 30.00/hr not 80k Ummmmmmmm

Why does there seem to be a kist of jobs that only require a 2yr degree seem to be listed? First, some of these jobs claimed to pay 80K or more a year. Now ‘they’ have dropped it to 30.00/hr. They still require a degree, training, experience, and some form of licensing or special certifications. Can we get real here and talk about what is actually out there and be REALISTIC for once.

Check out this list and see what they say now.

We NEED REAL JOBS NOW!!!! Please stop sending us down the path that has little help now.



A Great Value? Check it closely!

I’m trying to save some money and thought I would check out this Great Value Brand at WalMart. NO! For one thing check out the price difference between it and your favorite brand. In cases it appears that it can be as much as 30 cents higher than a national brand. But here’s a way ‘they’ won’t let you do this…Remove the competition of the shelf. Let’s see, cottage cheese area in the store had almost 90% as the Great Value label and very few of the old standbys like Nordica or Lucern. This is just wrong. In some cases the quantity is less but the actual package is larger in size or there is an indent on the bottom you don’t see until you flip it over. Another thing is that they put it on an endcap so you can’t see it and compare it with others. And because it is on the endcap you are more likely to grab it for convenience.

Next time you are seeking to save money, take the time to really look at the price differences between what you prefer and this Great Value thing at Walmart.

I am now a journalist (Examiner)

I’ve just been accepted to be an Examiner with . What does this mean? I will be a contributing writer for the subject of Career Coaching for the Colorado Springs, CO area. So, while I’m doing this blogging stuff, I will also be doing a weekly ‘column’ on this subject. This is a big step to move from the Blogosphere and into the world of e-writing.

But did you know that this is on more way to get exposure of your work and perhaps an other small source of income? I let you know a little more on this when I get more settled in there.


No Schooling? These still pay… NO NO Nannet!

I guess that I’ve been focusing on the job market for the time because I simply don’t have one. Even with a great resume, education and more, I can’t even get a bite from the beloved WalMart. Why are we told that things are looking brighter on the economy when the truth is evident to the people (real not media realized) that this is just bunk? I do have a few freelance gigs and I am trying to find more but…

Now, ‘they’ are telling us that you can have a ‘great’ job even without a traditional 4 year degree. But, beware! there is still special training required or years of experience, or knowing the right person, and then…

Looky here:
-Air Traffic Controllers: $117,200 – You still need FAA training and probably having military training is not a bad idea. Remember you might even be a hero helper when a particular pilot is used to find water.

– Industrial Production Managers: $77,670 – OK, when was the last time these folks did not need some form of education for these positions even if it was from the hiring company

– First-Line Police and Detective Supervisors: $69,300 – First how long are you on the beat dodging bullets and taking garbage from the public. Oh, it helps if you have some form of criminal justice training for better chances of promotion right?

– Funeral Director: $49,620 – Bring out your dead, bring out your dead… Not much pay for a job that requires state approved training and certification and the ability to deal with grieving family members and stressful planning for the inevitable future event.

– Police and Sheriff Patrol Officers: $47,460 – The stepping stone (be ready to be really stepped on) to the supervisor job above. It still has internal training if you pass the entrance tests. High stress and danger.

– Advertising Sales Agents: $42,750 – Is this income real in the present economy. I think if you don’t have some kind of sales or marketing training under you belt this is a joke. Most are now commission driven and how long did this level take to achieve?

– Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents: $39,760 (the highest 10% earned more than $111,500) – In this market/economy? You still need to get a state license (training is required or at least needed). You need the right connections, location, and schmoozing abaility!

– Rounding out the rest of the list are occupational/physical therapist aids and assistants. Notice, aids and assistants, not the actual therapists. Even the assistants and aids need some form of training and can’t just walk into the facility and start lifting and hauling people about. The actual therapists need a full blown degree for this of course.

So, when you think about it, you still need training and some kind of certification, license or Associates degree to do these jobs. This is the trick here. YOU STILL NEED SOME EDUCATION of some form to make the grade here. Why no try to land a job while going to school and then look for the ones that are requiring the education that have real pay? The jobs listed here are needed, yes, but the way they are presented may give false impressions as to what is actually required to get them.


Yet again? Take surveys get paid…Not

Do or Sell something get paid…Not -revisited

This time it’s surveys. I can go out and register for FREE to get on these lists of surveys. Some pay a little at a time and some trick you into thinking it’s a survey only to find it a way to get you to buy, buy, buy. Why should anyone have to pay to see the same list of survey groups that they can get for FREE? What is even worse is the fact that some groups charge YOU to see this free information. For example…

We’ll Give You A Software That Will Automatically Fill Out Surveys For You Allowing You To Complete More Surveys Per Hour Which Means You’ll Be Making Even More Money!

An “Unlimited Access” membership to the xxxx Site normally costs $64.95…

But I’m going to take the risk off you completely by letting you join today as a full member for only $2.95. If you decide to stay a member we will charge you a monthly membership fee of $29.95 after 7 days. This will grant you unlimited access to xxxxs.

Bonus Timer – If you order before the timer expires you’re guaranteed the following bonus offer. Afte

So let’s see. 2.95 for 7days and then BAAAANNNGGG! 29.95 per month after that time. Who is really making money here? Most likely not you. So what do you think about this ?
Now for a twist. Here is a survey site that pays ( yes low amounts but it builds) and you can have others come in under you so there is income from their survey taking…Best of all it cost nothing to join EVER!¬†

Mommy can I have a 1 Trillion dollar fun money loan?

Oh No Mr. Bill!

1 trillion dollars (and Dr. Evil started at 1 million) to go into the pit of doom. I saw this number from MSNBC today and just about barfed. Where is this coming from and where has it been hiding and why? The G20 has got to be kidding or is it? I mean if the world is in so much trouble where is this coming from? Has it been there all along collecting interest (from what/where) all this time?

Are the worlds’ banks really in trouble or not? If this is the case is there a hidden world bank that only a chosen few control? I don’t know. But by the looks of it there could be some huge reserve that is much larger than the sum of what the ‘open’ banks have world wide. What is the IMF anyway and how do they control the entire assets of the world (each year) at these meetings?

I’m really lost on this one and would like some help from the readership out there for a clear explanation about how the ‘open’ banks and the IMF remain independent. Are there two sets of world economies going on at the same time?

Another point. Why do these meetings always have bloody protesters running about? What are they protesting? Why are they always roughed up?

Bloodied IMF/G20 Protester (MSNBC image)

Bloodied IMF/G20 Protester (MSNBC image)

I don’t understand…

Just a quick thought… May your investments grow to endless outcome! What I mean here is that I am starting to agree that the investing markets may seem bleak but, they aren’t if you took it in your own hand and not from a broker. I have been doing several penny stocks and they are doing OK in this market. What is even better is that they are fractional. They are under a penny or at least under 25 cents a share. That means you can grab a ton at a time and maybe even make something (imagine that!!) . There are ways to overcome this ‘downturn’ into an opportunity folks. I have been having relatively good luck¬† with WNBD , SMKG, GFET, ESYM and BEDA. I’m not making ANY promises here and I am not offering any advice and I am certainly not a broker by any means. The only thing here is that you do your DD and study the charts, look at the business and what it provide and think about future LONG TERM possibilities.