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Are we China or are we still the USA???

After coming across an article on Yahoo News about the Last Sardine Cannery in the US closing then continuing onto an article about Last of Their Kind businesses in the US from CNN Money that was posted on the Business Opportunity Weblog I am really starting to wonder if the USA has basically become the annex of China. Since we seem to be getting most of our ‘stuff’ from China and have been graciously provided economic assistance from them in the form of loans aren’t we basically getting a ‘rebate’ from them since we are such good customers?

So, I thought that it’s time for some good old American entrepreneurial spirit and start a business that is American based and American in philosophy. That is a concierge business that not only provides time and money saving services to businesses and households, but also provides community sustainment.  Can this work? I mean, after looking at the local and national economy, you would think that this could be a bad time to start such a venture. The difference here is that this service based approach has three fronts. First, provide community sustainment by the recycling of clothing and technology tied with the donation of staple and non-perishable food items back to the community. Second, as the company grows, provide jobs to others as independent contractors (miro-entrepreneurs). Third, provide a socially conscience business model for others to use.  Another difference here is that this is NOT a non-profit group that one might suspect a socially oriented enterprise might be it is a Limited Liability Corp. (LLC) and has the ambition of TOMS Shoes, but initially at the local and regional levels. So, at the grass-roots level, my wife, son and myself formed DMR Services, LLC to provide a range of support services to homes and businesses while providing a community building ideal.

We really need to take back more than just oil reliance from other countries. We need to take back ourselves as a nation that provides more for its-self and breaks the global reliance we seem to have while still being a provider to the global community that has been ‘pushed’ to the background. We can do this! It starts with each individual wanting to grow a sustainable community with much less government support (from ALL parties).

Contact DMR Services, LLC for our model and services we provide to households and businesses at


Health Care or ? – WHAT ABOUT JOBS?!

I know this is a topic covered by so many mass media groups, but I’m putting in my 3 cents (used to be 2 cents you know — inflation). Did the PEOPLE have true input on this ‘reform’? It seems lie it has been more of a political tool for the gain of the elected officials that are telling us what we want and not what we need. There will be some things that take place quickly, but most of the items will be in effect long after the people that brought this to be will be out of office. Most interesting don’t you think? Drop this on the PEOPLE and then be gone when things will probably go south for the ones that really need help. Even in a POLL taken, most people are angry with this.

So what will be the actual results of this ‘reform’ really be? It’s hard to say, but there is one thing that seems to be constantly neglected and that is the PEOPLE that need JOBS. That’s right, there was some kind of thing voted on about that to appease US. Interestingly not too long before this bulldozing measure.

Please take a look at that POLL and come back and leave your comments here as well.

“Even if is not detected dosen’t mean it’s not there”

After reading this article from Reuters on that crazy massive super dupper magical tragical collider sitting between France and the Swiss, I really had to re-read it to make sure what I just read. “Even if the Higgs Boson was not revealed, it would not mean that it did not exist…” a statement made by James Gillies at CERN in this article.

Wait a few particle revolutions, Many of these same folks also seem to indicate that God does not exist. MMMMMM, So with that statement, isn’t the same statement possible about God? Yikes I thinketh a can of worms is now open.

Comments please. I really need YOUR ideas on this. Please?

A Great Value? Check it closely!

I’m trying to save some money and thought I would check out this Great Value Brand at WalMart. NO! For one thing check out the price difference between it and your favorite brand. In cases it appears that it can be as much as 30 cents higher than a national brand. But here’s a way ‘they’ won’t let you do this…Remove the competition of the shelf. Let’s see, cottage cheese area in the store had almost 90% as the Great Value label and very few of the old standbys like Nordica or Lucern. This is just wrong. In some cases the quantity is less but the actual package is larger in size or there is an indent on the bottom you don’t see until you flip it over. Another thing is that they put it on an endcap so you can’t see it and compare it with others. And because it is on the endcap you are more likely to grab it for convenience.

Next time you are seeking to save money, take the time to really look at the price differences between what you prefer and this Great Value thing at Walmart.

Jobs that pay over 80k

I read an article that says that there are jobs that pay over 80k and in fact they list 30. This is all well and good. But, the fact is how long does it take to go to school for these and how long did it take to get to this level of pay. Where are they?

OK, I will dump my current education track (Knowledge Management), start back as an undergrad in one of these fields, use another 4 years of time pursuing these career paths, and there you have it. ‘We’re sorry, but all of these job postings got filled 4 years ago’… that is what will be said and you know it. So, who is telling this anyway??? We need jobs NOW! not four years out and it’s kind of nice to have a place to live and have food so doesn’t mean you need some form of income.

Did you notice something that is not DIRECTLY listed? There appears to be nothing about those ‘green’ jobs. By directly listed, I mean something like Wind Turbine Engineers, Hydroelectric Transmission Technicians, Ethanol Plant Supervisor, and on and on.

What do YOU think about this?

Share a ride- Share a bike

Here’s something of interest to all that are looking for alternative and shared (image that concept sharing) transportation. This is a human alternative to dense urban commuting. B-Cycle in Denver, CO is running this concept.

The way to get rid of ’emotional baggage’

Gibbons seize tourist car!

The real way to get rid of emotional baggage…have fun!