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Are we China or are we still the USA???

After coming across an article on Yahoo News about the Last Sardine Cannery in the US closing then continuing onto an article about Last of Their Kind businesses in the US from CNN Money that was posted on the Business Opportunity Weblog I am really starting to wonder if the USA has basically become the annex of China. Since we seem to be getting most of our ‘stuff’ from China and have been graciously provided economic assistance from them in the form of loans aren’t we basically getting a ‘rebate’ from them since we are such good customers?

So, I thought that it’s time for some good old American entrepreneurial spirit and start a business that is American based and American in philosophy. That is a concierge business that not only provides time and money saving services to businesses and households, but also provides community sustainment.  Can this work? I mean, after looking at the local and national economy, you would think that this could be a bad time to start such a venture. The difference here is that this service based approach has three fronts. First, provide community sustainment by the recycling of clothing and technology tied with the donation of staple and non-perishable food items back to the community. Second, as the company grows, provide jobs to others as independent contractors (miro-entrepreneurs). Third, provide a socially conscience business model for others to use.  Another difference here is that this is NOT a non-profit group that one might suspect a socially oriented enterprise might be it is a Limited Liability Corp. (LLC) and has the ambition of TOMS Shoes, but initially at the local and regional levels. So, at the grass-roots level, my wife, son and myself formed DMR Services, LLC to provide a range of support services to homes and businesses while providing a community building ideal.

We really need to take back more than just oil reliance from other countries. We need to take back ourselves as a nation that provides more for its-self and breaks the global reliance we seem to have while still being a provider to the global community that has been ‘pushed’ to the background. We can do this! It starts with each individual wanting to grow a sustainable community with much less government support (from ALL parties).

Contact DMR Services, LLC for our model and services we provide to households and businesses at


Are ‘WE’ still part of this?

OK, yet more antics from Obama. While I usually don’t comment like this, I think it’s time for US to really look at the ENTIRE government. Just after doing the monumental health care thing leaving little time for people to ‘recover’, he has decided to make a bunch of political appointments WITHOUT any processes of approval. This recess appointment tool while used in the past by other presidents on both side of the aisle.

Let’s look who is really coming into ‘play’…perhaps the folks that made the recent health bill hammer trough. NO and I mean NO warning to the PEOPLE on this one. Remember that these people are not elected into office, they are BROUGHT IN by the people that WE elected. So regardless of being Republican or Democrat, YOU need to take a closer look at what is going on and how this will truly impact us.

To some relief id the fact that we do have mid-term elections coming soon. But does this really matter? Does are vote count when appointments are designated without regard to OUR votes.

Please comment!

Not Again…now it’s 30.00/hr not 80k Ummmmmmmm

Why does there seem to be a kist of jobs that only require a 2yr degree seem to be listed? First, some of these jobs claimed to pay 80K or more a year. Now ‘they’ have dropped it to 30.00/hr. They still require a degree, training, experience, and some form of licensing or special certifications. Can we get real here and talk about what is actually out there and be REALISTIC for once.

Check out this list and see what they say now.

We NEED REAL JOBS NOW!!!! Please stop sending us down the path that has little help now.


A Great Value? Check it closely!

I’m trying to save some money and thought I would check out this Great Value Brand at WalMart. NO! For one thing check out the price difference between it and your favorite brand. In cases it appears that it can be as much as 30 cents higher than a national brand. But here’s a way ‘they’ won’t let you do this…Remove the competition of the shelf. Let’s see, cottage cheese area in the store had almost 90% as the Great Value label and very few of the old standbys like Nordica or Lucern. This is just wrong. In some cases the quantity is less but the actual package is larger in size or there is an indent on the bottom you don’t see until you flip it over. Another thing is that they put it on an endcap so you can’t see it and compare it with others. And because it is on the endcap you are more likely to grab it for convenience.

Next time you are seeking to save money, take the time to really look at the price differences between what you prefer and this Great Value thing at Walmart.

11 dead or almost dead in reality…Not scripted? mmm……

Today I heard about 11 folks that have gone the way of suicide or at least attempt it after having some kind of connection to reality TV. Most interesting! Why is this so pushed into the background? It just can’t be how can this be real? I just don’t understand how these folks can do this without a script!

I mean, trying to do something in the spotlight without a script or at least a director well….can be hazardous to your health ( the success of the show) and can be a rather terminal end to your career.

We have yet another series of new ‘reality’ TV programs coming up this Fall and they are all just as wacky and MINDLESS as the others. Oh yeah, I forgot that now it will be in digital with the best quality video and sound and maybe even in HD. Isn’t technology grand? Now we can see stupidity and mindless drabble clearer than before. Big wooopeee!


Contestants that don’t make the grade have a chance to beat Simon with that ‘X’ in front of him. Points are given for a new program called ‘Smack Back’.

Castaways on Survivor are really cast away on a real desert island with 1gal of water, no food, and no shelter. NO film crews or staff. They are left alone ( one person only) for 2 weeks. The crew comes back to see what really happens.

The Nanny is repeatedly attacked by her young charges. No mercy shown.

All ‘reality’ shows – scripts are lost, power goes out, grips go on strike.

Big Brother – Poor Connie must become the housemaid because the cleaning crews walk out because of a mold problem.

The Bachelor – All the gals gang up on the bachelor, hog tie him and toss him into the trash. They then hijack the limo and demand to be driven to Rodeo Drive at the expense of the show for a shopping spree.

What would YOU like to see?

My Rant on TED

Don’t get me wrong here.While I do work in the social sciences (Knowledge Management), I am starting to wonder about the validity of groups or conferences such as TED. While there is a positive synergy that can come from these networking events, the exclusiveness and somewhat pompous ‘membership’ requirements as I see it drifts away from the idea of an ordinary person being a ‘hero’. If that was the case, why is there such an economic burden to the ‘ordinary’ person to participate.

Are the members of this group only there because they are not known of by many and feel they must pay ‘dues’ to be recognized by the world? Granted, there have been some that are well known but have been invited to participate. I have not seen people that are considered ‘ordinary’ or ‘common’ participate or even indirectly contribute to the effort.

A group of people slowly gather at the cocktail party and talk about world issues of every kind and how they see it, how technology can solve them, how entertainment can amuse them, and how designing the ultimate doohicky can package them. They are then ushered into a room with several large flat screen TV and a program starts. Many people are singularly presenting the woes of the world and solutions that call for the one world movement to occur. They applaud each other and pat each other on the back for a ‘job well done’. There is another cocktail party and they all go home. They go home and continue the same elitist patterns of espousing ideals to solve the world problems….Oddly, the problems remain, the elitists remain and things move along time. This is my view of TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) and what really never happens… true solutions that can be implemented to actually serve society not for society to serve as fodder to the elitists.

Oh, I forgot…for only $995 you ( and ten close friends )can become Associate Members of TED and get all sorts of goody bags full of dumpster stuffers that will be out of style the time the next TED conference comes together. And the ‘closed circuit’ access to the live ( you can’t touch the real gods and goddesses of world solutions, they might bleed and show they are only humans) conference some where in the campy part of the world far away from the problems that are to be solved.

So, What I propose is OPIS (Ordinary People Innovation Solutions). Using the Internet as the virtual meeting place to hold conferences on how the people involved would solve the problems. But this is absurd! Imagine people actually having ideas that can be implemented that not only solve the problems but to grow a sustainable community solution without government or outside elitist intervention.


Sell a seat become a ‘star’

Sell a seat become a TV reality star. Adopt a child become a hero. Drive a SUV really slow down the highway get more than 15 minutes of fame.

The justice system is so much different for the ‘celebrities’ of today that I wonder what will happen when a celebrity becomes a serial murderer? Oh yeah I forgot…Write a book, produce a TV show and then be honored with some crazy award from Hollywood for the ‘Best Celebrity Stunt for Attention and Media Hype’ .

Blagos TV Ambitions was spoken about on the Today Show today. You know the ‘guy’ that tried to sell the seat that Obama held in Illinois before becoming Prez . With all the coverage Rod Blagojevich is getting now he plans to be on a TV reality show ( if Daddy Justice let’s him) that is similar to the unreal reality show Survivor. You know that the system will let him do that. And why not. Just think how much fame the judge will get that is likely thinking about becoming the next Governor of Illinois. It sure beats having to pay for political ads. Oh yeah that’s right…coming to a TV ( mind you digital now) soon..The Blagojevich Saga Campaign 2012 – The Presidency of Seats!