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Yikes! starting my last coursework class (AMDS8833) before I move on to the world of Knowledge Area Modules (KAMs). This is a grouping of three ‘classes’ that include the breadth, depth, and application of a ‘knowledge’ area. What this really amounts to is a mini-thesis. In my case I need three KAMs before I move into dissertation work. I am very nervous about this undertaking. I have been corresponding with a ‘mentor’ by the name of Dr. Stephanie Lyschenski who has agreed to work with me. I chose her because of similar paths in the work I’m pursuing my Knowledge Management track. I hope this won’t be an overload but, it looks it could be that. I also need three more residencies, a capstone class, and I think three more ‘research foundation’ seminars.

My wife has just started a program in Psychology with a concentration in adolescent psychology based on at-risk teens in the criminal justice system. It looks like we will be completing our programs in the same year (2011). That would be great! She will go on to the BSc. level and I might consider post-doc stuff if I can get into the fellowship program I’m looking at. But, that’s a while off. LOL



Do Schools today Kill Creativity? I think so and so does Sir Ken Robinson in this TED video…

What do you think?


OK..I just got done with one grueling class on strategies for Knowledge Management integration and now I’m moving on to Advanced Knowledge Management. Ummm I wonder what they mean by advanced? There are only so many ways that KM can be brought into action. Are they trying to tell me that there are advanced ways if the ‘regular’ approaches don’t get accepted?

Let’s see now If I introduce a digital library or I introduce a digital library can you figure out what is more advanced than the other? I don’t think so. So maybe advanced means new paradigm or some other fancy word of the day? Many concepts really seem to be the same with different ‘new and improved’ wrappers. I don’t think someone that has never seen a digital library platform will think it is advanced or not. They just want to be able to use it and have a real reason to use it.





So there you go…Is it advanced or just repackaged to an unsuspecting group?

The class has already started out on a wrong foot. Two people are arguing about postings, feelings, and egos. Right out the door! The deeper I get into these classes, the more I see the behavior (inner-child) sneak to the surface to establish ‘position’ . Along with that, there is a student that said where they would be pulling information from and not what the information was. Not one of these groups. Do these people have clashes in non-virtual settings as well? I certainly hope that the instructor pops in to see what is evolving in this cyber-class.


I’m looking for peer reviewed articles on a research paper and all I seem to find are sites that require payment for the information. I think about going into town (a 50 to 60 mile round trip for me) to go get the same stuff at several universities there. I also think about using a school affiliated database but, it does not come back with the same resources. As a matter of fact, I can only get the abstracts because the pay-for-knowledge site have purchased the rights.

Is anyone else having this problem? At this academic level (PhD) I thought there was to be a free exchange of information and ideas, not a let’s make money by holding knowledge system. Is there a way to overcome this problem? I am getting tired of second rate information simply because I can’t find what I need without paying 25 US dollars or more to gain access.

So here is a least one no charge academic site: University of Glasgow

Koyo 9/29/07

**** ****


Well I think this will be the most misunderstood part of this blog!

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  1. Thats one great thing about the USA. We offer free education here. It’s free for those welling to shell out the $$$. Free means “available”. But how available is it really, when you have to drive 60 miles using fuel that is already grossly inflated in cost? That brings us back to your previous post. But then, there is always the time factor, too.

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