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Are we China or are we still the USA???

After coming across an article on Yahoo News about the Last Sardine Cannery in the US closing then continuing onto an article about Last of Their Kind businesses in the US from CNN Money that was posted on the Business Opportunity Weblog I am really starting to wonder if the USA has basically become the annex of China. Since we seem to be getting most of our ‘stuff’ from China and have been graciously provided economic assistance from them in the form of loans aren’t we basically getting a ‘rebate’ from them since we are such good customers?

So, I thought that it’s time for some good old American entrepreneurial spirit and start a business that is American based and American in philosophy. That is a concierge business that not only provides time and money saving services to businesses and households, but also provides community sustainment.  Can this work? I mean, after looking at the local and national economy, you would think that this could be a bad time to start such a venture. The difference here is that this service based approach has three fronts. First, provide community sustainment by the recycling of clothing and technology tied with the donation of staple and non-perishable food items back to the community. Second, as the company grows, provide jobs to others as independent contractors (miro-entrepreneurs). Third, provide a socially conscience business model for others to use.  Another difference here is that this is NOT a non-profit group that one might suspect a socially oriented enterprise might be it is a Limited Liability Corp. (LLC) and has the ambition of TOMS Shoes, but initially at the local and regional levels. So, at the grass-roots level, my wife, son and myself formed DMR Services, LLC to provide a range of support services to homes and businesses while providing a community building ideal.

We really need to take back more than just oil reliance from other countries. We need to take back ourselves as a nation that provides more for its-self and breaks the global reliance we seem to have while still being a provider to the global community that has been ‘pushed’ to the background. We can do this! It starts with each individual wanting to grow a sustainable community with much less government support (from ALL parties).

Contact DMR Services, LLC for our model and services we provide to households and businesses at david.dmrs@gmail.com

Something fun for a chnage

I have been away for awhile trying to find fun things to pass the time. I really love to get into a book of almost any genre and get lost in the story. Something I also enjoy is trying to figure out who would make the best actors and actresses to cast into the screenplay version of the book if that ever happened.

There are so many ways to do this. But, how could I really let others know about the roles and who might fit them the best? I also would like to have a fun way ti discuss this with others who might like to do the same fun thing. I recently came across a fun site called StoryCasting.com that has developed a new community for fun times in fantasy cast of your favorite people to various roles in any number of works .

This is a fun site that is easy to sign up for and allows you to pick any work given by name of the author or the name of the work. You can search for actors and select them for a particular role in the story. Entering comments about why you may have selected that person for the role start a dialog with other casters.

This is really a fun way to meet other casters and talk bout you favorite books and actors that fit the roles. I have made an entry for a work with the least likely actor to play the starring role for a satirical view of the work. I’m waiting to see what kind of dialog this will get going from other casters and hopefully the author of the work. How fun!

We made it to a front page on Google!

Amazing! Thanks to the search engine Google we made it to a front page ranking for one of the articles here on Ellicott Ramblings.

We are ranked 3rd just after Starbucks on the key word kitamu.

So upon getting this honor, I would like to thank my wife, Starbucks, kitamu, and the coffee drinking community at large. We could have not gotten to such levels without you!