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Jobs that pay over 80k

I read an article that says that there are jobs that pay over 80k and in fact they list 30. This is all well and good. But, the fact is how long does it take to go to school for these and how long did it take to get to this level of pay. Where are they?

OK, I will dump my current education track (Knowledge Management), start back as an undergrad in one of these fields, use another 4 years of time pursuing these career paths, and there you have it. ‘We’re sorry, but all of these job postings got filled 4 years ago’… that is what will be said and you know it. So, who is telling this anyway??? We need jobs NOW! not four years out and it’s kind of nice to have a place to live and have food so doesn’t mean you need some form of income.

Did you notice something that is not DIRECTLY listed? There appears to be nothing about those ‘green’ jobs. By directly listed, I mean something like Wind Turbine Engineers, Hydroelectric Transmission Technicians, Ethanol Plant Supervisor, and on and on.

What do YOU think about this?


Is the US public denied a 40+mpg car?

I was reading an article on MSN Autos and the SMART Car came in third place after the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid. But where are people even getting the SMART Car in the US anyway? Why are we not seeing the SMART Car in the US that has a diesel option that can get 70+ mpg yet? This is really strange to me since small economic cars have been available around the world for a very long time because of gas prices elsewhere and smaller parking/road areas. Come on now!

I have a very very hard time when I am told that Americans desire a vehicle that can carry x amount of people has umpteen zillion horse power and has an airbag in every nook and cranny when the driver forgets how to handle those horsepower while holding a cell phone, applying make-up, eating a fast food burger and somehow holding onto all those things while being the only person in that vehicle! Is this what we really desire, or is this what we are being told we desire by marketing groups of the failing US auto industry?

If this is what we really really want (not need mind you) then maybe we should start thinking about not complaining about prices of the fuel it drinks. I know this sounds harsh because it is. We have seen chances to improve our driving habits, reduce our costs, and have a ‘greener’ lifestyle many time but have forgone this by not realizing that we are becoming a laughing stock to the rest of the world because of our selfish habits of consumerism. Maybe it’s time to really stop and think when you are going down the road in a vehicle that can carry nine when you are the only one in it. There are a few people that are moving away from the gas hogs and still having a vehicle that is economical to own and oerate and then relaize that they never really needed what they once had.

Psychological Sales and The Marketing of Stuff

What is really going on with marketing of everything from ‘stay at home moms’ and ‘single mothers’. Is this real or is this a new trend in psychological techniques to get a sympathy purchase. What do you think when you see an incentive that says something like: we will donate x% of sales to save the y ? Are you more likely to buy something from a group that claims to be ‘green’? I’m throwing this thought out because I feel that a new marketing strategy is being used just to get us to buy more and more when we have less and less to spend.

Sure we want to help a particular group when they say certain things. But, how much does it really help and how do you know it actually is going where it claims? Does anyone out there take time to check the legitimacy of these ‘social strings’ attached to get a sale?

I offer a product that works and has a great track record. The purchaser all of a sudden changes to another vendor simply because they make a specific claim. They end up paying more, getting worse service, and perhaps have their name sold to every other marketing group.

Are you more likely to click here for a special business or click here for a business that supports ‘Save the Children’ ? Would you buy a cell phone that is designed for seniors and children buy clicking here or just doing ‘regular’ cell phone shopping by clicking here?

It’s up to you!

LED rope lights for the party room and beyond!

I have been trying to figure out how to really brighten up the party room lately. I looked at strobe lights, colored spot light and many more. I just couldn’t find what I really needed. And to think, every one is looking for that ‘green’ category light that will look good and be energy aware at the same time. Maybe something like a LED rope light?

I have one of those crazy spiral shaped bulbs in some of my regular lamps but, that won’t do it simply because they don’t come in colors. What to do, what to do? How can I find a place that provides really neat looking LED rope lights that are energy saving, don’t get hot, and come in different colors? There’s this company called Birddog Distributing that fits the bill! They have these really cool LED Rope Lights that come on spools of 150 feet for a really great price. And the colors. WOW! Every one I looked for. Red,blue,green,yellow,amber,pink,purple and white this is fabulous! Ordering these is even easier once you come to the website. But wait, they not not only have LED rope lighting, they also have a very wide range of LED lighting products that you don’t need to go anywhere else. You really need to check them out.

A Green Holiday ?

Here sitting after ‘recovery’ from the Thanksgiving holiday, I think was this really so green? How much fuel was used to get where every one was going? How much energy was used to not only prepare and cook the meal but what was used to get the bird from the ‘bird factory’ to the carving knife? Was this green? Maybe this is to make us think it was green if we want to be ‘happy’ ?

Well, how could you make it green for real? Solar cooking ovens/stoves, solar coffee grinders and roasters, ummmmm… maybe hybrid car What else? recycled gifts, recycled wrapping paper, junk that people win and give as gifts ( oh that goes into the economizing blog). Oh, don’t forget artificial Christmas trees made from petroleum products, LED based bulbs ( made using various hazardous materials) that save energy to light up. Those crazy recycled Christmas cards that grandma has piled around ready to send to unwitting grand children, that should work!

So what would YOU do to make it greener? I know folks are reading this and really have some input!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Merry multiple seasonal holidays for all nations that participate in this broohaha!

Do we really have a green choice?

I’m getting kind of blue about the green cars we never see in the US.
What is it really going to take for something that actually helps the real folks of this country to get something that really benefits them?

I seriously feel that the environmental issues and such never really mean much to the politicians on both sides of the house other than a way to get votes and drop it later. Remember ‘they’ are predicting higher fuel costs just after we were getting ‘used’ to this level .
I hope we see cars like this soon on our roads

FIAT Bambino example:
FIAT Bambino 500


So what’s it going to be? Are we stuck with gas guzzlers or not? Do we even dare think green things like tram systems between close cities NOT run by the government?

Light Rail:

Light rail