Jobs? Really?

OK, I’m starting to wonder about this entire ‘jobs’ board thing. The reason is that they are all starting to lead to dead end listings that are outdated or lead to a series of ads or ‘work at home opportunities’ AND THAT”S IT!!!

Let’s be honest, there are VERY FEW REAL jobs out there that pay a wage that yo can actually live on. We are consttant told that things are getting better, but are they reall or is just this the normal spin the media throws at us.

Go to this board and after they get all your information they need you to subscribe to the service. Or, you get listings that are so out of date that the business may not even be around anymore.

So my point blank question is: Why do ‘you’ keep feeding us this stuff when it is obvious that there are so few real honest truly paying jobs out there.

Let’s also be honest, our government can never really create jobs. It’s up to the small business to get away from purely bottom line greed and actually provide decent paying jobs.

If we don’t start moving on this ourselves, we will become yet another Third World country (unless this is what is desired by the powers that be).

Comments Please!

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